Tranquil Babies

Cathy Collyer, OTR, LMT — Certified Happiest Baby On The Block® Educator & Infant Massage Instructor


Cathy is an incredible teacher. She is so at ease with the babies and my son loved it and her. Learning infant massage is not only bonding me tighter with my child it is training me to care for my child when he is in pain from teething or constipation. I would highly recommend this service to any mother looking to enrich the life of her child. — Laura, Bronxville, December 2013

Cathy did an excellent job teaching me the techniques of massaging my baby. The instructions were clear and it was so much fun bonding with my daughter. It seems like it will be a great way to soothe her at night when she is fussy. — Emily, Scarsdale, November 2013

My son is active and strong so at times winding him down is a challenge. This instruction gave me a nice “bag of tricks” to use to help my son settle down. Great Program! — Trish, Bronxville, November 2013

The tips on constipation were great and it was really helpful to go over everything because I got to see that my daughter liked the scalp, gum and back massage but she did not like arms. It was also helpful to know that I can do the back massage while she is sitting because it helped to calm her. — Michelle, Bronxville, October 2013