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Cathy Collyer, OTR, LMT — Certified Happiest Baby On The Block® Educator & Infant Massage Instructor

Happiest Toddler on the Block Training

Parents and Preschool staff know that toddlers are different. They aren’t babies, but they aren’t “big kids” yet. And when they tantrum, they can really be a challenge. Here is the key to transforming your relationship with an agitated toddler: communicate your understanding of their perspective while teaching them to manage their feelings.

Happiest-ToddlerCathy teaches the Happiest Toddler approach to setting limits while teaching mutual respect and self-control. Direct instruction includes basic education in the developmental needs of toddlers, specific techniques to defuse tantrums and whining, and effective ways to build patience and confidence in the 18-month to 4 year-old child.

This program is especially successful with the special needs child that has communication skills at this level. Parents of special needs children are amazed to see even non-verbal children respond with less agitation and avoidance when they use this approach.

A 2-session private home instruction package includes Harvey Karp’s “Happiest Toddler on the Block” DVD, and a 30 minute phone session that can be used at any time in a 12 month period following the personalized training.

Fee: $250.00


Live outside the NYC Metro area?
Read the book/watched the dvd but still have questions?
Want more support to use THTOTB because your child is medically fragile or has special needs?
Looking for the perfect mother’s day gift?

Get connected with Cathy using phone support sessions!!

Use your phone, FaceTime or Skype for 30-minute sessions to learn more about toddler behavior management that develops mutual respect and self-control skills using THTOTB. Receive personalized instruction at a convenient time and place for your family. After your on-line purchase is verified, you will be quickly contacted to schedule your first session.

Phone Support for Happiest Toddler on the Block: $50 per 30-minute session

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Preschool staff have attended group trainings to learn these techniques and apply them to their programming. Cathy is able to create a custom staff training for facilities that will increase staff morale, reduce staff turnover, and transform the atmosphere of any preschool program.

Fee: on request