Tranquil Babies

Cathy Collyer, OTR, LMT — Certified Happiest Baby On The Block® Educator & Infant Massage Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t toddlers listen?

A: Toddlers exist in a very emotional, sensory-based world. They have limited language and social skills. When you use The Happiest Toddler techniques, your toddler feels respected but is aware of limits on their behavior, and is more likely to listen to you.

Q: Will The Happiest Toddler help with hitting and biting?

A: Absolutely! Many incidents arise from a buildup of the day’s frustration and fatigue. The Happiest Toddler strategies will help your child develop more patience and self-control throughout the day.

Q: Do I still stop him if he is doing something wrong?

A: Safety is your first concern; always prevent your toddler from harming himself or others. For less urgent situations, you will communicate that you understand what he wants to do, but you lovingly cannot allow him to break your rules. Great parents know when to be flexible while still maintaining limits. The Happiest Toddler gives you the skills to achieve that balance.

Nothing I do seems to calm my baby. Why will Dr Karp’s 5 S’s help me calm my baby?

After years of research, Dr. Karp has discovered a way to tap into a baby’s natural calming reflex. Using the 5 S’s together allows you to ‘turn off’ your baby’s crying so that your baby gradually learns to self-calm. Dr. Karps 5 S’s also helps your baby reach deeper levels of sleep that allows them (and YOU!) to stay asleep longer. Consistent use of Dr. Karp’s methods conditions babies to expect the right level of assistance so they don’t ever reach the stage of frenzied fussiness.

I have read the Happiest Baby on the Block® book. Why should I schedule an in-home training session with Cathy?

The book is terrific, but having Cathy demonstrate these techniques on your baby in the privacy of your own home is priceless. Cathy patiently teaches you to successfully perform all the Happiest Baby techniques with skill and confidence.

Isn’t colic something that you just have to live with?

Thankfully, that is simply not true. There is no reason for you or your baby to suffer with colic. Dr. Karp’s Happiest Baby® on the Block system has helped thousands of babies. Cathy, a certified Happiest Baby educator, comes to your home with a proven step-by-step strategy to calm even the fussiest baby. Cathy can teach you to nurture your baby’s natural calming reflex and you can learn to turn off your baby’s crying.

Can massage reduce constipation?

Yes. Abdominal massage stimulates peristalsis, the natural contraction of intestinal muscles so that your baby can have a bowel movement with less strain.

Can massage help my baby fall asleep?

Absolutely, massage can help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Massage triggers the release of melatonin and other brain chemicals that promote sleep.

Is massage safe for preemies and micro-preemies?

Massage is not only safe for preemies and micro-preemies but according to a study done by the Touch Research Institute, there is evidence that preemies who were regularly massaged gained more weight and were released from the hospital sooner than those babies who were not massaged.

Nursing easily calms my child. Isn’t that enough?

Nursing is a wonderful thing but it is only one way to calm your baby. Cathy teaches a wide variety of effective and loving techniques to calm and bond with your baby.

Who can benefit from Cathy’s Tranquil Babies training?

First-time mothers. Fathers. Adoptive Parents. Parents of a fussy baby. Parents of a baby who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Parents of challenging toddlers, parents of special needs children. Daycare providers. Everyone.