Tranquil Babies

Cathy Collyer, OTR, LMT — Certified Happiest Baby On The Block® Educator & Infant Massage Instructor

Tranquil Babies by Cathy Collyer

Happiest Baby On The Block® — Learn Dr. Harvey Karp’s techniques for effectively soothing your fussy baby. Learn about the missing 4th trimester and the calming reflex. Practice proven strategies for putting your baby to sleep and helping them stay asleep!!

Tranquil Babies Massage Instruction — Cathy teaches you to use gentle massage to calm and soothe your baby for better sleep, relief from colic and constipation and give a natural boost to your baby’s immune system. Cathy has experience working with full term and premature babies.


Join Cathy Collyer for a special class at Babies R Us in Yonkers, New York on October 3. You can register for the class on our Bookings  page.